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Healing Together- SheRises Foundation Stands for Women’s Mental Wellbeing

Envision a society where survivors of violence and trauma find not only a shoulder to cry on but also a hand to help them rebuild their lives. The SheRises Foundation is just that.

SheRises Foundation, an organization founded by a survivors, it is an extended family of people who understand the pain first-hand. Led by the principle of women helping women, it provides a place for survivors of gendered violence, child marriage, and other harmful practices to repair broken lives.

Our mission is to create healing and to empower women to take back their lives. They do this through a holistic approach that extends beyond just talking. SheRises Foundation uses therapy, yoga, art therapy, and gardening workshops to nourish both body and mind.

Results are tangible. Through its programs, SheRises Foundation has been able to help over 1,000 women and caregivers. Over 400 survivors have been helped by the organization to navigate the complex system and secure justice.

SheRises Foundation does not work only within the Mombasa County of Kenya but also extends itself across the entire Coastal region. SheRises Foundation works with local authorities and community leaders for a network of support and education.

But their story is more than statistics. It is the story of Sarah, who found the strength to walk away from an abusive marriage. It is the story of Aisha, who found solace in painting her pain away. It is the story of hundreds of women who, standing with SheRises Foundation by their side, find their voice and their lives again.

This is the power of community. This is the power of healing together. SheRises Foundation is always looking to find supporters, for those interested in getting involved. Together, we can create a world where each woman feels safe and empowered.

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