SheRises Foundation

What We Do

With Compassion, Dignity while Initiating Changes in communities.

Health & Well-being

  • Improve women’s access to comprehensive healthcare services, including
    sexual reproductive health and mental health support.
  • Mental Health Awareness

Economic Empowerment 

  •  Promote women’s economic empowerment through entrepreneurship
    support, job training, and access to financial resources.
  •  Increase the number of women-owned businesses and their participation in
    the formal economy.

Advocacy and Policy Reforms

  • Advocate for gender equality and women’s rights through policy reform and
    legislative initiatives.
  •  Foster a culture of gender equality and inclusivity through community
    engagement and awareness campaigns.
  • Mobilize communities and stakeholders to support gender-responsive policies
    and programs at all levels.

Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation

  • Advocate for policies and initiatives that integrate gender considerations into
    climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.
  •  Address the disproportionate impact of climate change on women, particularly
    in vulnerable communities.

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