SheRises Foundation

The SheRises Foundation Story

SheRises Foundation is a Woman feminist led non-governmental organization in Kenya founded in 2022. It envisions a world where every woman and girl can thrive, supported by education, health, economic empowerment, and a society that values gender equality, environmental sustainability, and mental well-being.

The goal of the organization is to contribute to the achievement of SDGs:

SDG2 Zero Hunger

SheRises: Women Fighting Hunger

SDG5 Gender Equality

SheRises: Championing Gender Equality

SDG 10 Reduced inqualities

SheRises: Women fighting inqualities

SDG 13 Climate Action

SheRises: Women Leading Climate Action

We empower women and girls through evidence based approaches in education, health, economic opportunities, advocacy, and community engagement, while addressing the intersecting challenges of climate change and mental health.

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